Costume Jewelry Designers

Costume Jewelry Designers

I wanted to just kinda start out with an example of what costume jewelry is to me.

Most people think, especially men, no ill intent intended. but i hear it all the time.  "it's fake" or "it's just junk".  They think, if there's no gold or silver, or if it's a rhinestone and not a diamond, then it has no value.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.  Before COVID, there was a RV park near my home that every other weekend had a flea market. There was a man there that bought storage units and sold the contents. He had a lot of jewelry for sale, mostly fashion type stuff. but in the pile of earrings he had a big gold pair of clip on earrings.  i bought them right away for 3.50. even had to come back in two weeks because I was 1.25 short.  While shopping there i asked about his business and he said to me that he goes through everything and stuff not gold or silver he piles here for sale for just a few dollars.  he said everythinjg else is just fluff, no real value.

After the two weeks i went back and paid him for the earrings and took them home. after a little time and when i had the money i submitted them for verification to make sure i didn't have a pair of fancy replicas.  The were authenticated.

What he thought, because they were not gold or any other precious metals and not real diamonds. Was in fact a authenitic pair of Chanel clip on earring that i later sold for 825.00.

Lesson here is?   Just because it not "real" dose not mean, Not "valuable".  Always check your junk jewelry.  Never know what's in there.

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